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One-shot: Jealousy

Title: Jealousy
Pairing: TomaPi
Summary: What happen when Toma got jealous?
Disclaimer: Just my imagination

“Okay, that’s a rap.”, said the director. Ikuta Toma, the rising actor nowadays, is very glad. Finally filming is over for that day. He is really tired. Physically and emotionally. Acting this movie really has his mind being emotional. He notices the change in himself. He wants to do the best for the movie though. That is why he does not care if he needs to be sensitive. After all, acting is what he loves the most.

When he is tired, there is one person that he will remember the most. He still has the picture that person sent him long time ago to calm himself down whenever he feels stressed at work. The picture of the ocean. That is the place they love to hang out the most. He wishes to go to the beach again with that person. He hopes they will have the time to go there. It is the bliss.

He does not feel like being alone tonight. So he decides to drop by at that person's house. Moreover, tomorrow he has a day off. So he thinks he might want to spend the night there. And perhaps they can go out tomorrow. Maybe to the beach. With that in the mind he makes his way to that person’s house without even calling that person first. He wants to rest in his ‘lover's’ arms. He wants to release all the stress he had.

He reaches Yamashita’s house and without knocking on the door, he uses the spare key he got from Yamashita and unlocks the door. Yamashita is quite surprised to see he is there. Yamashita was on the phone at that moment and after seeing Ikuta came, he hang up after told the other person to call him the next day.

“Daijoubu? What brings you here?”, asks Yamashita as he enters the house.

“Can I spend the night here? I don’t want to be alone.”, he answers.

“Of course, you are always welcome and I'm glad you came. I am quite bored myself.”

Ikuta then goes to take a shower while Yamashita prepares something for them to eat. After 30 minutes, they both have their dinner together. Yamashita’s rice curry is always delicious and the best in his opinion. He even had a second round.

While they were eating, Yamashita talks about NEWS's new single, Sakura Girl. He also says how happy he is after break for so long. Their last single was Koi no ABO and it was released about a year ago. Ikuta just smiles looking at Yamashita’s enthusiasm while talking. Because he is tired he just listens to what Yamashita is saying and sometimes giggles when Yamashita says something funny. Yamashita also mentions about Nishikido Ryo. How tired he looks when they were filming the music video of Sakura Girl. And the talk about Nishikido carries on and on from one to another.

It has been nearly an hour they were eating and Yamashita talking about Nishikido. What is up with him anyway? Why does he talk about him only? Why not about the other members, too? Ikuta gets annoyed. What is so special about Ryo-chan?

“Nandeyanen?”, Yamashita asks him when he realizes Ikuta's no longer paying attention to him.

'And now he is using Kansai-ben, too! What the hell?' Ikuta thinks. He is becoming jealous when he hears Yamashita saying that.

“'Nandeyanen'? Since when do you use Kansai-ben, Yamashita?”

“Eh? Sorry, I didn’t notice I said it. It must have been because of Ryo-chan. He uses Kansai a lot nowadays. Even I don’t know why.” Yamashita blushes.

'That is it! I can’t take this anymore. What is wrong with him? Is Ryo that important? What about me? Am I not? Who does he think I am?' Ikuta becomes annoyed and angry as all these questions are pouring into his mind.

“Toma, are you okay? What's the matter?” Yamashita is looking puzzled but concerned.

“And you are asking me? What the hell you think you are doing? Keep on talking about Ryo ever since just now.”

“So? Is that wrong?” Yamashita does not understand why Toma is being so upset.

“Masaka! Don’t tell me you are jealous of Ryo-chan! You are, aren’t you?” Yamashita continues.

“What? You think I am jealous?” Maa, he is, but he is not going to say it. He is not letting Yamashita win.

“You seem like it. Am I right? You are jealous of Ryo-chan, aren’t you? You are so cute like that. Come here.”

'O, and now he is trying to persuade me? He is too late! The damage has been done.' He does not feel like spending the night at Yamashita’s place anymore. And with that, he brings his plate back to the kitchen and grabs his stuff and planning to leave. He does not know why he is being so sensitive. But he really does feel hurt when hearing him talking about somebody else with such excitement. All he wants is to spend the night together and to talk about them. About their time they spent together. Yamashita takes his arm and pulls him right in front of him. He hugs Ikuta tightly.

“Toma, gomen ne, I should not act like this. Gomen!”, Yamashita says while still hugging him tightly.

He feels so comfortable being hugged by Yamashita. He can smell Yamashita’s scent and he becomes relaxed. Maybe he is just over-reacting. Or maybe he is still in the filming-mood just now. He just wants to stay in that position forever.

“I think this is the first time you are being jealous after so long. Which is good though. At least I know that you still love me, right?”

“Don’t worry, okay? It's not like I forget you or anything. I know you are stressed out with your work and I thought I could at least help you ease your stress. But apparently I am adding more to it. Gomen ne.”

He just lets Yamashita talk and doesn’t bother to say anything in return. He wants to stay like that. Forever.

“You know, you look so cute when you are jealous. And your face turns green when you don’t notice.”, Yamashita continues and makes a silly joke.

He manages to smile at the last sentence. Now it is his turn to say his apology. He knows he is acting like a kid when he is already 25 years old. But that’s what he is like when he is with him. He tends to behave like a little kid.
With a big grin on his face he lets go Yamashita’s hand and pull him to Yamashita’s room. Yamashita smirks as he knows what is in Toma’s mind. They both go into Yamashita’s room with smile on their faces. It is all good. They spend the best night in his opinion.

The End.

A/N: What do you think? It is just in my imagination only. I always wonder what Toma will looks like when he got jealous. And I don't think that Yamapi will ever use kansai-ben. LOL!

Comments are always welcome :)


Hello all! Koniciwa!

After some thoughts, I decided to write something about my self.

-I am quite sensitive. I am easily hurt by people. I don't know in what way, but sometimes, even little things can make me hurt.

-I am very shy. I don't talk to someone I don't know well

-I am very private. I don't tell things about my life to people. Only to certain people I will open myself to. [Just like Yamapi =p]

-I talk fast [just like Toma =p] especially during presentations. I once was told to slow down from my lecturer. LOL

-I like to wear simple attire. Shirts and blouse with jeans. That is what I wear everyday, everytime.

-I love bags. I have so many different kinds of bags and love collecting them.

-I hate waiting. It is really vexing!

-I love to watch movies especially movies that stars my favorite actors. Even the movie is a big flop, I will still love it. Just because my dearest is in there!

-I am quite weird. I will write everything about the movies I watch in a notebook. Parts that I like the most, the climax etc etc, stuffs like that.

I will stop here. Can't think of anymore. Maybe will update

So, till then, Jaa~~



Hello all. Koniciwa!

I am so happy right now. I found out that my dearest Pi will have a new dorama this July 2009. It is about time Pi stars in a new dorama. I am really happy for him.

The info:

Monday at 9. Fuji TV. Starts July 2009.
Tentative title : Buzzer Beat ~ Gakeppuchi no Hero ~
Yamashita Tomohisa : Honest, straightforward guy who works for a basketball club. In basketball, work and love, when it comes down to the crunch, turns out to be a timid guy. Falls in love with Keiko.
Keiko Kitagawa : A cheerful, positive and headstrong girl.
Ito Hideaki : Coach of Yamapi's basketball team and later a love rival.
Aibu Saki : Yamapi's girlfriend.
Mizobata Junpei : Yamapi's colleague.

Other cast members : Kaneko Nobuaki, Maya Miki, Nagai Masaru, Kanjiya Shiori.

So happy for him. Ganbatte ne Pi-chan!


Frustration & Disappointment

Hello all! Koniciwa!

I am so frustrated right now. I have tried so many times and yet it still failed. I really don't know what went wrong. I have done everything according to the steps and still I failed.

Plus, just now, I read a news that I don't want to know. *sigh*

I am really not in a good shape right now. So I stop here!


Volume 2

Hello everybody! Koniciwa!

What a great day today. Very nice weather. Bright blue sky!

I wish I could spend some quality times outside with my friends.

However, staying in my room wasn't that bad either ne?

Since I don't have any plans, I decided to enjoy some TomaPi ai.

So, till then, Jaa~


My 1st post!

Hello all. Koniciwa!

I keep postponing to post an entry here. Gomen!

So, this is my first post ever. I never thought that I will have an account on LJ. Thanks to our dear Toma-kun whom make me want to have an account.

Since I am a new member, I hope to get helps from you people. Yoroshiku ne!

Well, thats it for now. Hopefully there will be more entry for me to post. Till then, jaa~~



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